Fatima Pemán, Jerez de la Frontera 1970. Plastic artist graduated in Fine Arts, postgraduate in New York. She lives and works in Seville. Despite her youth, the artist has a large exhibition background, starring in numerous individual shows in recent years.

She presents a medium and large format collection made in acrylic on canvas, which are exhibited in the Galería García de Diego, belonging to the collective exhibition entitled “Confluencias”. This is a set of paintings, where the artist transposes her current concerns and the lines of pictorial research in which she has immersed herself. “My motives are circumstantial, improvised, but always within a framework that I delimit previously.”

“Abstract painting helps me to know and intuit.” She approaches her creations as a competitive game, whose structured and intellectual strategic pieces are the line and the plane.

“In the atelier I maintain a constant dialogue with the painting, it is a door towards perception, which only opens when I am painting”; as for the aesthetic message “my work is easily digestible, I show what I want to paint and not paint what others want to see.”

The most immediate becoming for her painting is the return to the figure, to theatricality and symbolism.

CV Fátima Pemán

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