Hirschberg (Germany)

The Gallery Galería García de Diego hosts Lothar Brix with an exhibition entitled “Partitura Alegre” where his work addresses a crucial period between Germany and the island of La Palma, where he created part of his most emblematic art. A large-scale artistic work accompanied by painting and sculpture, characterized by the use of natural materials and pigments (ground minerals, volcanic gravel…). His work is characterised by a profound abstraction dictated by the place where he lives, La Palma; again and again he is inspired by the richness of the colour nuances that go from the darkest black to ochre.
His work unites art, music, science, philosophy … always reflecting, through a more emotional than analitycal tone, the diverse ideas of his environment.
Lothar studied art and music in Göttingen (Germany), Copenhagen and in the United States. Since 1981 he lives and works in Worpswede and in the winter months in La Palma.
He has a wide and brilliant pictorial, musical and visual trajectory, with a great repercussion and international performance, which has led him to earn several cultural awards.



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