(Heerlen, Netherlands)

The Galería García de Diego welcomes the painter and sculptor Peter Hermans, Heerlen, the Netherlands. Bachelor of Fine Arts from Stads Academie Maastricht and College of Art, Toronto, Canada. With the title “Synthesis” the artist relates different elements, ideas and forms in a dispersed way and shapes them in the canvas in a complex but methodical, segmented and structural way.

An artist who feels attracted and related to the modern classics of the beginning of the 20th century, such as Matisse (fauvism) and Picasso (cubism).

He has lived in Canada where he has made sculpture and stained glass, exhibiting in multiple galleries and museums.

Two explicit stages are related to his work, the first influenced by the Cobra group, characterized by the free expressionism of the unconscious, dynamism and primitivism; the second by Cubism, where cheerful shapes and colours create a fusion, recognition and abstraction.

The light of the island of La Palma has been an essential part of certain creations, such as those found in this exhibition.


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