Born in Paris, France.

In his works, made in oil and paper on canvas and wood, a remarkable balance stands out in his compositions. He casts his characters in theatrical scenes and at other times affirming their presence and their truth. The artist recognizes that there is a mystery, something implicit in his representations of these women and men in their authenticity. That is why it leads him to make a social  and ironic criticism, to forgotten people or cloudy minds.

His experience with people with certain mental disabilities is not unrelated to the themes chosen for his creation. He has always felt close to the marginalized, the forgotten, their silence, their humility, and intends to restore a certain dignity to them in the different chaotic worlds in which we live.

His work can be located beyond the present time, it would be inscribed in the universal and it is evident that it can be identified with tradition.

The García de Diego Gallery presents the exhibition with the title “Adónde Vamos…” (“Where are we Going…”) by Jose Antonio Zaragoza, an award-winning artist.

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