MELTEM ULDES, Turkey 1976. Lives and works in Italy. She has a doctorate in Art History from the University of Istanbul and studied art in France, the United States and Turkey.

She has participated in international exhibitions in Greece, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, England…

Meltem has worked as an academic at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Halic University in Istanbul.

Since 2017 she lives in Palermo-Italy, where she works and writes reviews and articles in art magazines.

Her works, of small format (mixed media), often made on paper (collage) as a means of expression, are a critique of the society where she has lived (Turkey) and lives (Sicily).

Artist’s words: “if some of us are lucky and can have a good individual life, when we look at the total scene with the suffering of children, animals, nature, it is not difficult to see that we are living in a dystopia created with our incredible selfishness. So, I can’t stop drawing the stupidity, the rudeness, the terribleness, the poverty of the people and especially the torture against women. Yes, my works reflect a dark atmosphere that unfortunately is the reality of our time.”


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